Who We Are

In 2005, Michael Lezaja made a realisation that would transform his life.

It began with the purchase of his principal place of residence.

At the time, he worked for a security company at an hourly rate; but because the hours of the day he could work were limited, he quickly recognised that he’d never create the life he dreamed of – to build ‘a machine’ of sorts to provide him with a great income, one that would eventually pay for itself through wise decision-making.

The initial purchase of the home in 2005 formed the catalyst for Michael’s new business.

Michael Lezaja
Director of ML Property Group

Michael recognised the enormous potential of increasing his net worth based around the accumulation of property.

Over a 10 year period, slowly but surely he focussed on absorbing every piece of information on property investing he could lay his hands on. He employed a specialist property accountant and a mortgage broker.

Fast forward to 2013 when in one year, he created a total equity gain of just under $1,000,000 for himself with the purchase of 14 properties.

As you can imagine, friends and family were mesmerised by his stellar accomplishments and started requesting his help to build their own property portfolios.

He then realised he had another business on his hands, doing for others what he’d done for himself. Welcome to ML Property Group, lead by the tenacious, ‘sky-is-the-limit’ Michael Lezaja. Michael and his team look forward to chatting with you and genuinely creating a strong income stream for you through the acquisition of property.


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Who We Help

Of course you’re smart enough to purchase a property in Australia without a buyer’s agent on your side.

Australian property buyers are well informed, well-travelled, well read, and intelligent.  But people are also very busy with their jobs, life, and obligations. A dream can often remain unfulfilled because it’s been put in the too hard basket. And that’s why, if you’re serious about buying, deciding to choose a professional who truly wants the best for you and one that you can trust to manage the entire purchase process is a wise move.

We help people who are wanting to get into the Sydney and/or Brisbane markets.

Here’s how we go about saving you time and money.

Time / Knowledge Factor

We can dedicate more time for your search than you can! Our pursuit of insider knowledge is unstoppable when it comes to finding the very best property to match your specific requirements.  Interstate and foreign buyers especially benefit from being represented by a buyer’s agent.

Negotiation Skills

Professional real estate agents are trained to negotiate to achieve the highest price for their vendor. Using a buyer’s agent takes the emotion out of your property purchase, allowing for a strong negotiating position to save you money. Also, it’s been proven, time and again, that it is easier to negotiate through third-party negotiator than alone! Real Estate agents tend to treat us differently because they don’t see us as just another buyer. We have worked with many agencies that offer us an in-depth inside scope about a property, sometimes before it even hits the market.

Buyer representation is not the exception anymore. It’s the norm. Consumers are now aware they’re better off financially to be represented.