How We Can Help

Buyer representation is not the exception anymore. It’s the norm.

Recently, after months of online research, attending open houses and putting in offers – all to no avail, Natalie (not her real name) rang Michael.

“What am I doing wrong?” she begged.

After listening to Natalie’s story, and thoroughly going through her investment criteria, Natalie engaged ML Property Group and Michael and his team set to work.

ML Property Group were able to enhance Natalie’s investment buyer experience by the following:

1. Knowing what properties to stay away from

2. Able to find and act on the more unique properties that others often perceive as having unpopular attributes*

3. Selling agents open up to Michael and his team, allowing for professional communication and frank discussions that a buyer would seldom have when acting on behalf of themselves

4. ML Property Group often gets ‘insider information’ and ‘off-market listings’

5. ML Property Group secures the future with carefully planned exit strategies where necessary

6. ML Property Group make negotiations easier


15 Minute Phone Strategy  Session with Michael Lezaja!
Start building your dream property portfolio today!

*This year ML Property Group were able to secure a 2 bedroom house in a commercial zone that had been overlooked and unwanted, sitting on the market for months. They recognised a tremendous deal for their client, who was able to buy cheaply and will reap the rewards of their rental property with a well-thought-out exit strategy if ever needed. The small fee paid to ML Property Group absolutely paid off.

How does it work?

Buyer representation is not the exception anymore. It’s the norm. Consumers are now aware they’re better off financially to be represented by a buyer’s agent. Here’s how we go about working in your best interests:

Step 1

A completely free strategy session where we discuss your investment goals, the locations that are best suited to your criteria, and you get to ‘pick our brains’ on everything related to the acquisition of property. As a guide, you will earn a salary of over $50,000 pa, have a $45,000 deposit (in cash, equity in property, gifted funds or borrowed funds), and have the ability to obtain finance.

Step 2

You’ll engage ML Property Group to create a tailor-made plan, which includes the sourcing of your investment property. By this stage, you’ll be getting finance approval in place (we can help you with that too), and we’ll introduce you to our team of solicitors as well.

Step 3

ML Property Group presents you with the most suitable properties for your consideration based on your criteria. This is where ML Property Group shine. Having an accomplished negotiator represent you in this step is a huge benefit. Building and pest inspections are also organised for you. You barely need to lift a finger!

Step 4

Your property reaches the unconditional stage and then settles. You’re on your way to owning a portfolio.

Step 5

Six months later you’ll hear from us for a review and a discussion on your next property acquisition.